Turn your passion into profit… Attract the right clients…Become an authority in women's health…Learn the foundations of women's health (regardless of your niche) and how to effectively set up your business so you can start helping women NOW - not later.



The Women's Health Business Accelerator Program gives you all of the tools you need to harness your passion in women's health, gain clarity on how to get your work out there, and attract dream clients willing to pay for your expertise. You’ll learn how to build your brand, showcase your skills, and gain the confidence to go after everything you want.

I’ve been asked hundreds of times to release the exact strategies I’ve used to create a women’s health and lifestyle brand for the wellness obsessed ladies all over the world. It’s here.

Can you imagine:

  • Feeling crystal clear on what you do and who you serve, while generating a passionate and motivated audience around your brand.
  • Waking up to new DMs and emails from women all over the world asking how they can work with you, simply from the content you’ve shared online.
  • Taking the knowledge you already have and upleveling your work with the little known world of women’s health.
  • Creating a tight knit community of women scrambling to sign up for your programs, waving their credit cards, while thanking you for the work you do.
  • Knowing how to effectively sell online without being sleazy and being able to secure your first clients.

...I’ve been able to unlock the exact formula for this and I’m ready to make this your reality.

How would that change your business or brand?

I can tell you with complete certainty that with the Women's Health Business Accelerator Program, this is possible. I've successfully done this myself and for other coaches on the market. If you bring the drive and passion, I'll bring the strategy and knowledge you need to start your women's health business.

It's time to uplevel your life and create the business of your dreams. It all starts now with this simple decision.


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What's inside the Women's Health Business Accelerator Program?

This program is the first of its kind - it's designed to teach you the foundations of women’s health and how to create a business around your groundbreaking ideas. Most coaching programs will teach you one or the other, leaving you confused on how to take your work to the next level. This program is specifically designed to help you feel confident and clear on your business idea and how to share it with the world.

  • The Women’s Health Business Accelerator is a 16-week program designed to teach you the foundational principles that are working now in the women’s health industry (regardless of your niche) and how to create your business so you can monetize your new area of expertise , whether you’re a new or established coach.
  • Created by women’s health expert, Laura Presnall, the bombshell behind the global brand, Balanced Bombshells, the Women’s Health Business Accelerator Program is the ONLY health and wellness program designed to teach you hormones and how women can use them for high performance. Whether you’re a health pro or just starting out, this program will cover every strategy you need to know and implement in order to achieve your goals.
  • When it comes to using a woman’s monthly cycle and how to use hormones to your advantage, Laura really knows her stuff. With over 10 years of research in health, wellness, and hormones, along with 15 years of experience in business, Laura is finally lifting the lid on what it takes to create a women’s health business.
  • From her specific hacks that bring more balance to a woman’s mind and body, to the formulas she uses to connect your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health, there’s not a single element left uncovered in the first 8 weeks of the program. From there, you'll take everything you learned and Laura will teach you how to monetize your knowledge in your area of expertise.
  • This program has never before been created into a group program. It’s designed to walk you step by step through the process so you feel clear and confident with how to run your women's health business.
  • Starting a business can be lonely. In this program you will network with other like-minded women in your field and build lasting connections you can use for collaborations in your work. This is a community of entrepreneurs who truly believe in women supporting women.


I’m Laura Presnall, a high performance women’s health coach and founder of Balanced Bombshells. I can't wait for you to join me in this program!

I’m a small town girl from Massachusetts, USA, living in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado with my cycle synced husband, son, and our adorable fur babies, a happy-go-lucky pup and mischievous kitty. I’m a personal development junkie, health nut, and founder of the women’s health brand, Balanced Bombshells. I’m an expert in using hormones for high performance and helping women achieve their goals.

Through my own journey of learning how to use hormones to my advantage in everyday life, with zero help from my doctors, I’ve been able to develop a signature process that helps other women understand their bodies in a way that accelerates their personal and professional growth. And I'm deeply passionate about helping other female entrepreneurs like you learn how to support women while creating the business and life of your dreams!

Our world needs more experts in women's health and I'm here to make sure you become one of them.


I know a thing or two about using hormones to our advantage.

Did you know...

1. Women's health is in high demand.

With an influx of products and services finally available to women, they need additional support on how to use this new information effectively and make it meet the demands of her busy life.

Add in the frustration women feel with their doctor, at work, and at home, there is an increasingly high demand for how women can better support themselves in order to achieve their goals.

No one is talking to women about how to use their hormones for their everyday health - but with my help, you can! And if you’ve got a specific niche in women’s health, you’re well on your way to success!

2. Women are struggling.

Studies report nearly 90% of women struggle with some form of PMS, accounting for one week each month. Other studies report 88% of women say their menstrual week impacts their job, accounting for another week each month.

If a woman is suffering the week before AND during her period, this adds up to 50% of her life that she's not thinking, feeling, or performing at her best.

Then think of all the specialty areas you could be in to start or as your work grows - fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, a specific hormone condition like PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, etc. There are endless options and with my help, YOU can help her.

3. Your work matters.

When you partner your passion for health and wellness to help women understand the hormone connection, you will be able to serve your customers on a deeper level.

Creating a women's health business is groundbreaking in the level of service and care that you can provide other women. While our society is set up for the male ideal, you'll be able to help women reconnect their mind, body, and spirit in the exact way she's craving.

Are you ready to help her?


There’s no better time to master your knowledge in women's health and take control of your career than right now. The Women's Health Business Accelerator Program will give you the resources you need to teach women's health (regardless of your niche) and start the business of your dreams. Don't wait until later. NOW is the time to start!


...and listen, I already know what you're thinking...

“But there are already a million other health coaches, of course their products and services are going to sell and they’ll gain paid partnerships from brands, it’s not going to happen for me…”

Here’s where it’s going to get really exciting: I’ve analyzed the market and women’s health is an untapped niche in the health industry.

Which means by creating a women’s health business, you will create new opportunities and make your work stand out from the sea of competition.

I’ve tested out my method with women just starting out or those feeling stuck in their work, and here’s what I know: it works.

There are countless women who need help and I'm here to make sure your work gets out there. If you’re new to business, just bring a commitment that you’re ready to start and let me work my magic.




I found Laura on YouTube and was immediately drawn to her super light, kind, grounding energy. As a women's empowerment coach, I needed clarity on my messaging and brand. Laura helped me create a course for women to learn their cycles. Her feedback and resources were detailed and comprehensive, and our time together gave me the structure and flow I was lacking.”

Shoshana Sadia

I was rocking in my business and changing lives, but along the way I was forgetting about the importance of taking care of myself first. Laura made me see that my health and self-care is most important because "I am my business". Now I can use that to help others which in turn has taken both my life and business to the next level.”

Brittni Colleen



The Women's Health Business Accelerator Program is right for you if...

  • You’re prepared to put in the work to create your business to the best of your ability … you just need to be told exactly what to do.
  • You are deeply passionate about helping other women and have big dreams about what you can create.
  • You are so good at what you do and are excited about the new opportunities in the women’s health industry.
  • You’re ready for serious, consistent and engaged dream clients and are fed up with the ghosting roller coaster (you know when you have a great conversation, they say they’re in to work with you, then you either never hear from them or are chasing them down stalker style)
  • You want to find your niche and zone of genius within women’s health, then be able to position yourself as an authority and thought leader, but you just don’t know where to start or what to do.
  • You’re ready to start leveraging your talent through an online or local business that will provide you more time and financial freedom.
  • You’re fed up with the mountain of contradicting advice online and trying to figure out everything on your own, where you feel like you’re wasting your time and mental energy.
  • You’re excited to feel fired up and passionate about the work you do and wake up each morning looking forward to serving other women.
  • You’re ready to learn how to build your community organically with paying clients where you’re not wasting time posting in other people’s groups or endless hours logged on social media.
  • You’ve tried connecting the dots on your own but are stuck on how to make hormones work for your own life and the women you want to teach. You keep questioning how you can make money with this knowledge if you haven’t fully mastered it yourself.
  • You’re ready to learn how to create irresistible programs and offers that keep your calendar fully booked with excited and engaged clients.
  • You also desire more freedom and balance. You want to repurpose the amazing content you create and learn how to generate passive income where you’re making money in your sleep.
  • You work tirelessly on your personal and professional development but find yourself lacking specific direction and second guessing yourself before you start or finish anything. You’re committed to make a change and need additional support so you can follow through with your work and create the consistent, sustainable growth you desire.


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Ready to start and monetize your passion in women's health?

By the end of the Women’s Health Business Accelerator Program, you’ll be able to know with absolute clarity the direction your business will take, confidently and consistently create content, and grow your audience to sell out your programs.

The Women's Health Business Accelerator Program includes:

The Women's Health Business Accelerator Program is a 16-week, self paced coaching program covering my signature process in teaching women's health and the exact steps I took to create an online business.

You’ll first master the foundational skills in women's health yourself, which you can then layer on your area of expertise. I'll teach you how I help women naturally balance their hormones through food, fitness and their lifestyle, regardless what hormonal issues they're struggling with.

During the second half, you'll actually start your business!

Here's what you'll learn in the first 8 weeks:

We'll first cover my signature process in teaching women's health.


Week 1: Stress & A Woman's Body

Our bodies are different from men and we respond to stress in unique ways. We’ll cover your monthly cycle, stress hormones, and how to control your body's stress response, which is the foundation to balance the rest of a woman’s hormones.


Week 2: Recipe Guide

See how I set up recipes for women's hormone balance and match them to a woman's cycle. You'll gain access to over 80 hormone balancing recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and of course, sweet treats.


Week 3: Food for Your Hormies

When our appetite hormones are off they can trick women to eat more, even when they're not hungry. Learn how to reign these in and help women put an end to food cravings and overeating.


Week 4: Your Body's Happy Place

It's crucial for women to play up our feel good hormones! You’ll learn how to eat for a good mood, amplify our anti-aging hormone (which starts declining in our 20s), while mastering how to release negative emotions.


Week 5: Digest for Success

We’ll cover how to improve digestion and the importance of keeping our seven organs of elimination clear of toxins. I'll share how to create a period plan so your clients get maximum results.


Week 6: Master Your Metabolism

I’ll teach you how to hack our skinny gene and how to eat to protect our metabolism. You'll learn new tricks to de-stress, detox, and my top three secret weapons to master our metabolism.


Week 7: Women: Version 2.0

Help women avoid annoying breakouts by teaching her how to eat for clear skin. You'll also gain access to my favorite DIY holistic beauty essentials. During this week, you'll bring everything together and create your own cycle syncing plan! This knowledge is invaluable as you learn how to personalize plans for the women you teach.


Week 8: Rest & Reflect

You have one week built in for reflection and taking any additional time to go over anything you’ve missed.

By the end of the first 8 weeks, you'll feel confident and have the resources you need to help women with their health.

Here's what you'll learn in the last 8 weeks:

During the second half of the program, you'll dive into how to start your business.


Week 9: Nail Your Niche

You'll find your niche so you can market to the right audience. This step is crucial for your success and will help you attract the women you want to serve. You’ll also learn how to find test clients and gain testimonials for your work before you launch.


Week 10: Build Your Brand's Foundation

Learn how to simply set up your brand that will leave you room to grow. You’ll learn how to create your brand in a way that feels authentic and avoid keeping your business in a box.


Week 11: Business Setup 101

You’ll learn what platforms you can use to set up a simple website with zero tech experience. We’ll also cover email management, lead pages, and other tools you need to set up your work behind the scenes.


Week 12: Confidently Rock Your Social Media

Take the stress out of what to post and where. This week you'll learn which platform is right for your strengths so you confidently show up for your audience.


Week 13: Consistent Content Creation

You'll create a clear, concise and manageable content calendar you can stick with. I'll teach you how to save time with content creation and automate your work so you have time to focus on your clients.


Week 14: Effectively Sell Online

Don't turn off warm leads. I'll teach you how to connect online in a fun and genuine way so your potential clients are excited to sign up to work with you. You'll learn three ways to find your first clients.


Week 15: Master Your Mindset

Your mindset is everything. We'll uncover any blocks holding you back from your success. You'll learn how to balance your masculine and feminine energy so you can get more done, in less time, and without the stress!


Week 16: Find Your Tribe

You'll learn how to network online and find like-minded women and brands to collaborate with. You’re going to need support in running your business and no one gets to the top alone. Finding your tribe will put you more at ease in your work and allow you to confidently grow your brand.


The Women’s Health Business Accelerator Program is the first of its kind to bring my proven method in naturally balancing hormones along with how to get started in your women's health business.

Your Investment

Can you learn all of this on your own? Sure. But in business you either save time by spending money or you'll save money by trying to learn how to do everything yourself. You can't save time and money at the same time.

I've done both ways and can tell you from personal experience the fastest way to start your business is to save time and invest in yourself.

Women's Health Business Accelerator Program

Here's a recap of everything you get inside the Women's Health Business Accelerator Program:

  • 16-weeks of self paced coaching in both women's health and business including 15 Modules designed to position you as a leader in the women's health industry.
  • Certification of Achievement after you finish the program qualifying you as a Balanced Bombshells approved coach that you can also market on your website.

$997 USD

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Special Bonuses!

But wait, there's more. I want you to have everything you need to succeed in this program and beyond. Here are the additional bonuses you'll receive when you sign up:

  • All of my Cycle Syncing Swipe Files to generate ideas & help you and your clients get amazing results ($2,500 value)
  • Ultimate Book Recommendation Lists (with links!) for both learning women's health & excelling in your business (priceless)
  • Balanced Bombshells Business Resources so you don't have waste time researching platforms or have to start your business from scratch (priceless)
  • My 1:1 Non-Sleazy Sales Script so you can feel good about consistently closing clients ($500 value)
  • Roadmap to Creating Your First Epic Signature Program to give your clients UNBELIEVABLE results & turn into an online course you can sell over and over again ($1,000 value)

Total Value of Bonuses: $4,000

All yours for FREE when you sign up now!


I've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost?

The 16-week program costs $997 USD and includes $4,000 of additional free bonsues.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! There's an option to split your payments in two. Instead of a one time payment of $997, you will pay two payments of $599. Sign up for payment plan here.

Does it matter if I'm new to women's health?

Nope! If you're just getting started, this is the perfect place to start. I'll teach you my signature method in helping women balance their hormones, regardless of what they're struggling with.

How much do I have to participate?

It's totally up to you. You'll get out of this program what you put into it. I can not make you do the work or show up. That is entirely up to you. My goal is to make this as fun and enjoyable as possible so you're excited to be part of the program every day!  

When does the program start?

The Women's Health Business Accelerator Program is an at-home, self paced course. You can start now and work through the content at your convenience.

Does my location matter?

Women from all around the world are welcome! This program is done 100% online so all you need is access to the Internet.  

How long do I have access to the course material?

All course material is provided through a private membership site called Teachable, which you have access to from any and all of your electronic devices. You will have access to the course material forever! I do recommend downloading the documents for your records and keep in a safe place.  

Do you give refunds?

I'd never want you to be unhappy! If in the first 14 days you realize the program isn't right for you, simply email me and I will give you a full refund.  


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