Happy Gut Health Guide

Learn the baseline of your second brain (your gut) and the foods you should be eating to keep it healthy. 

These foods will help you effortlessly make happy hormones!


Inside This Free Guide You Will Learn How Two Types of Food Will:

  • maintain healthy digestion & naturally cleanse your body
  • balance hormones for less emotional stress & body bloat
  • improve your mood
  • banish food cravings
  • also includes a list of foods to take with you while you grocery shop

About Laura Charelle

Laura Charelle is the founder of Balanced Bombshells®, a health and lifestyle brand for women.  

We coach holistic-minded women who are committed to their health but feel frustrated with period problems and hormone imbalances. We teach women on how to optimize their food, fitness, and lifestyle habits to relieve the symptoms of unbalanced hormones.  

Unlike other health and wellness experts who use confusing medical jargon that is hard to implement, Balanced Bombshells offers a simplified approach that fits with your active and busy life.

I want a happy belly!